How to Plan a Wedding Part 3

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This is not really how to plan a wedding but maybe more of what to expect while planning a wedding – be prepared for the fact that things may not go as planned (or in the way you imagined your wedding to be). Planning a wedding is frankly quite an ordeal even for one as simple as ours.

For us,  we couldn’t get our intended photographer despite our willingness (then) to shell out substantial costs for that, our caterer cancelled on us right before we were supposed to go for food tasting, we were told just 4 days before our wedding that our chosen wedding wines were not going to reach on time, additional invites have been extended without our knowledge and RSVPs that came in a day before the wedding even though we sent out our invites some 4 months before that. Of course all I wanted to do is go “WHY GOD WHYYYY” but it was so good that we could both remind each other that these things didn’t matter and at the end of the day, it would be the start of the life we would be building together. We managed to find a photographer who shoots with film, get additional items for the wedding menu with a new caterer, enjoy a complimentary wine tasting with our friends to choose a new wine and the guestlist worked out fine.

A couple of days before the wedding, we were packing confetti and Travelpac said we need to label them so that people know when to toss the confetti. I told him everybody knows when to toss the confetti and the confetti remained un-labelled. Of course, on the day of our wedding, some confetti was erroneously tossed as I was walking down the aisle. I took one look at my husband-to-be who gave me a “I told you so” face and laughed my way down the aisle. Things may not always go as planned but they always work out just perfect.


Our dear friend brought us to this little shop in Shanghai to purchase shoes.

It was a little shop no wider than its doorway. Entirely easy to miss.

An original product of Shanghai, Feiyue has been around since the 1920s.

It is a very comfortable pair of shoes. Not surprising since it the prefered shoes for martial arts. Not that I will kick ass in it, but its great for walking the streets of Shanghai.

It costs 50 Euros in Europe but in China, you pay 12 Euros for it. Buy the real deal! Buy it in China!


Jo and I just returned from Shanghai.

We walked and walked and walked a lot.

And this is one of the random stores we stumbled upon. And much to Jo’s surprise, Yves was missing!

So it turns out, this is the first store in the world which is branded as just Saint Laurent.

Mulberry Willow Tote

This makes me very excited from Spring/Summer 2013. Mulberry has a great price point so I hope this bag doesn’t depart too far from that. The most exciting thing about this bag is that you can actually remove the front pocket and use it as a clutch. What? Two bags for the price of one? I cannot wait.

Saint Laurent Paris

If this is the style which Yves Saint Laurent (soon to be Saint Laurent Paris) will be taking, I am loving it.

The leather look tremendously luxe and I always love it when you can hardly tell what the label is. At the end of the day, you don’t need a bag with all the bells and whistles. All you need is a bag in classic shape with beautiful leather.

One of the first things we did was to sit down and do up a sexy excel spreadsheet for the wedding budget. Well, I mostly sat and ate candy while Travelpac did up the excelsheet. I will say that Travelpac and I are blessed because we share the same values when its comes to money.

It is quite common for couples to have a wedding without the finances to pay for it and this is often done in the hope the wedding would pay for itself through (cash) gifts received. Indeed, people would tell us why not have a wedding banquet since it would pay for itself. However, our personal view was that we did not want to get into debt for the wedding and/or rely on gifts in the hope that the wedding would pay for itself.  What we budgeted for was the amount we had and were willing to spend for family and friends to celebrate with us. Even if we did not get a single cent back, we would still be fine. Also, we really did not want to have a wedding banquet!

Naturally, the spreadsheet changed along the way to take into account new expenses. Instead of increasing the budget to fit each new expense, we played around with the existing budget. For example, we managed to spend less on photography and the excess money was used to hire a videographer which we did not initially intend to have. Travelpac will tell you I have succumbed to peer pressure on this but surely, that is another story for another post!

raspberri cupcakes


raspberri cupcakes is a recent discovery for me and I’ve been pretty obsessed. There are no words to describe just how impressed/ blown away I am by this. I’ve seen (and eaten) many macarons in my day but ice cream shaped macarons? This is surely a first!



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